We think you’ll be surprised when you discover the benefits of home battery backup. Keep reading to learn more.

America is undergoing a solar revolution, with the number of solar installations expected to surpass 4 million by 2023, up from 3 million in 2021. That’s massive growth, considering it took over four decades for American homes with solar panels to reach the one million mark. 

For many American homeowners, home solar systems are the perfect solution to public power shutoffs. These shutoffs are more common than you might imagine, with the average person in America going over 8 hours without electricity in 2020.

For the best results, homeowners are opting to pair solar panels with top-grade home battery backup solutions. The benefits are more than worth the investment. 

In today’s blog, we highlight the top ways you stand to benefit from investing in a home battery backup. Let’s delve right in.

You Gain Energy Independence

One of the top benefits of investing in residential solar panels and energy storage is that you get to create energy and store it at your home. As a result, you don’t need to always rely on the grid. Your energy production and storage happen in your own home.

The fact that you can control what happens to the excess power from your solar panels is a massive benefit. It means that when your solar panels give you more power than you need, you can easily store it in your batteries instead of having to sell it back to the grid. Thus, when bad weather comes, or you have days where there’s little sunshine, you can use the power you’ve stored in the batteries.

Your Home Stays Energy Resilient 

It’s no secret that some parts of the country have an unstable grid. But even if your area has a remarkably stable power grid, unexpected natural conditions can still leave the power down for days. These disruptions can cause food to go bad, besides many other inconveniences.

A home battery backup system ensures that you don’t have to wait until power is back up and running. It immediately kicks in when electricity in your area fails, ensuring that your life is back to normal. Provided there’s power in your batteries, power failure will never be a worry to you. 

You Get to Save on Power Costs

Electricity bills make up a huge chunk of the amount Americans spend each year. On average, US households spend roughly $117.65 per month on electricity. These costs can add up over time.  

When you invest in solar energy, you drastically reduce your power bill. Households who opt to get off the grid completely eliminate their electricity bill altogether. Once you’re through paying the initial installation costs, you can sit back and enjoy a steady supply of power for years without worrying about power bills.

You Get to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With climate change becoming a huge discussion in recent years, more people around the world are finding ways to save the environment. What better place to start than by switching to clean, renewable energy?

Few energy sources are more eco-friendly than solar. And when it comes to the batteries themselves, there are new technologies used in their products that help ensure that these systems are earth-friendly.  

You Don’t Need to Worry About Noise Pollution

Some homeowners have generators as their power backup option, but this equipment can emit a considerable amount of noise when running.  This noise pollution can prove disruptive both to the people at home and your neighbors. 

With solar panels and home battery backup installations, you don’t need to worry about noise pollution at all. That’s because the entire system runs silently at all times. It’s a huge convenience to both you and your neighbors. 

You can also pair a home battery backup with a whole house generator to ensure you are never without power.

You Get to Enjoy Tax Credits and Other Programs

Homeowners that switch to solar stand to enjoy tax credits from the government. These credits make the transition to solar a more affordable one for you. 

A tax credit refers to a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the overall amount of income tax you’re supposed to pay. In the US, Americans who install solar panels can claim solar energy credit on their federal income taxes. 

Solar systems installed between 2020 and 2022 are eligible for a 26% tax credit. That means if you were thinking of investing in a solar system, now’s the time to take the leap. Note that there isn’t a maximum amount that can be claimed.

Besides tax credits, there are many other programs that you can take advantage of that help make the switch to solar an affordable one for you. For instance, some top solar companies offer the “Paid Like a Pro” Program that rewards their customers. 

With such a program, you get a commission check at the end of your solar installation project. Alternatively, you can opt to use the program to bring your overall project costs down. Clients who refer other people to the seller also get paid through these programs.

Reap Maximum Benefits From a Home Battery Backup

Investing in a home battery backup is one of the most practical ways to ensure you always have power in your home, even when there’s a power blackout in your area. And when you couple your power battery with efficient solar panels, you have an affordable, eco-friendly, noiseless power supply all year round.

Are you interested in reliable residential battery backup solutions? Contact us today and check out our collection.

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