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About us

Opal Energy was founded to provide high-quality solar panel solutions that benefit the everyday commercial and residential users. Switching to renewable energy allows homeowners and businesses to reduce expenses, increase property valuation, and create additional revenue streams. With over ten years of industry experience, our team is ready and equipped to make your transition to solar trouble-free. Solar installation is what we do, helping homeowners and businesses take control of their energy production, consumption and savings is who we are!

Why Choose Us

Residential Solar Panel New Jersey


Harnessing decades of direct experience, we have brought together industry leading manufacturers, electricians, and installers to provide a seamless solar experience. With the ability to install and service every type of commercial and residential application imaginable, we are your ultimate solution for solar energy.

Residential Solar New Jersey


The founders of Opal Energy were tired of seeing alternative energy companies that failed to understand the importance of putting the client first. You will have access to all of our team members, and your project status at all times. We strive to be the most service driven company in the industry.

Commercial Solar Panel New Jersey


We only use Tier 1 industry leading panels, inverters, and components from reputable solar manufacturers. We couple that with seamless installation from our fully licensed and insured team of professionals and then back it up with manufacturer, installer, and third party warranties that give you piece of mind.

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